When it comes to managing asbestos within a property, or if you’re planning refurbishment or demolition works, you need an asbestos survey to identify all asbestos containing materials (ACMs). It is the most effective way to establish the level of damage and any deterioration, and to assess whether remedial action or removal is required. An asbestos management survey is in fact a legal requirement in all non-domestic properties, and the responsibility of the duty-holder as per The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012). Within such premises, any known ACMs should be annually re-inspected by a trained or competent person.

Types of Survey

There are 4 different types of survey that we carry out:


To create an asbestos register for ACMs to be identified and managed.


To identify ACMs prior to planned refurbishment works and assess the need for removals.


To identify ACMs prior to planned demolition and assess the need for removals.


To re-inspect previously identified ACMs within a property, assess their conditions and make recommendations.

What happens after a survey?

After your survey, you will be issued with a full asbestos report detailing findings with professional recommendations. This is the first stage in managing your asbestos correctly. The recommendations will indicate whether a management plan must be created as part of the overall risk assessment for your property, or if the asbestos must be removed. Enquire Now

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