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Surveying & Reporting

  • Management Surveys
  • Management Plans
  • Refurbishment Surveys
  • Demolition Surveys

Bulk Sampling (Testing)

24 Turnaround Available


All asbestos should be re-inspected at least every 12 months to ensure there’s no change to its condition / to the risk ratings with regards to that material.

Non-Licensed Removals

Low risk/grade asbestos materials can be removed by an un-licensed asbestos company where they’ve undergone the UKATA Category B training. Materials such as, but not limited to the following can fall under the category of non – licensable removal works; floor tiles, mastics, bitumen, textured coating, asbestos cement, pitch fibre waste pipes etc.

Licensed Removals

Medium-high risk materials must always be removed by a licensed removal company and a notification to the HSE submitted.

Analytical (Air Testing)

Air testing and sample analysis carried out by a UKAS accredited Laboratory.

Entry Level Asbestos Inspection (Private Domestic Housing Sector Only)

As there is currently no legal legislation in place for private homeowners, we offer a pre-survey inspection to determine if possible asbestos containing materials are present within your property.


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Consultancy & Project Management

We oversee projects on a consultancy business to make sure the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish. JAX have access to a large numbers of trained and experienced professionals who provide services to JAX on a subcontracting basis to allow us to meet our clients needs and expectations.