If you come across a suspect material at your property but don’t necessarily require a full survey, we can arrange a site visit and safely take a sample. We will then have it tested by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory and have the results returned to you within 3 working days (same-day analysis is available, please see below).

Have you come across suspect materials? Stop works immediately and give us a call.

If testing is an emergency or urgently required, we will endeavour to have the sample both taken and analysed within 24 hours. In this instance, please contact us on 0141 345 0551. Please note that there is an additional fee for same day testing.

JAX provides estimates and advice FREE OF CHARGE

Your health is always our priority, so if you’re worried about the potential for
asbestos in your home or workplace, call our friendly team of experts on
0141 345 0551 or drop us an email. We’ll be delighted to help.

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