There are a variety of situations in which asbestos fibres, or even sections of asbestos contaminated building materials can end up in the ground:

Ineffective remedial, removal or demolition works
Historic demolitions, i.e. before asbestos was known to be dangerous
The historical use of a site i.e. shipyard
Fly-tipped waste

Brownfield Sites

Though asbestos can technically be found in soils that are a product of any of the above, it’s most commonly found on Brownfield Sites – land that was previously developed, often for commercial and industrial purposes.

Brownfield sites should always be tested for suspect materials as there is a much higher chance that the building that previously occupied the land contained asbestos. Although asbestos can be found in many existing properties, concern is now growing for asbestos in soils as it presents a risk for those working on and living close to new developments on Brownfield Sites.

From sampling to full remediation works, JAX offers many solutions for asbestos contaminated soils.

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