About JAX

JAX covers the whole of the UK. We’ll be right by your side throughout the entire process from when a suspect material is queried on site, to offering professional guidance and recommendations as required. We offer bespoke solutions to suit every customer’s individual needs. Please see the range of services we provide and contact us to see how we can help you.

Our Mission

Educate. Engage. Expand.

At JAX, our aim is to educate by increasing awareness on a global scale, of the risks asbestos poses for public health. To engage wider audiences by pioneering innovative systems and procedures and developing more time and cost-efficient ways for asbestos identification, management and removal. Finally, we want to expand both in terms of expertise and our reach across the world.

Tackling asbestos exposure, one fibre at a time. 

Our Core Values

Our values are the key to our continued success:

Health & Safety

The health & safety of our clients and employees is paramount. With each project we take on, no matter the size or location, it is our main focus. Every employee undergoes extensive health and safety training in their field and are always available, both on site and in our office, to answer your queries, ensuring every job is carried out safely and to the highest possible standards.


We are extremely passionate about our environment and constantly look for new ways to reduce our impact on our natural surroundings while continuing to deliver the best possible service we can. Asbestos is highly resistant to degradation via rotting, burning, chemical exposure, so is a very persistent problem in the environment.

Our Clients

Our culture is based around trust, honesty and loyalty and we strive to provide you with the best quality service from the very first point of contact. We always aim to offer you the solution that best suits your requirements and budget and are happy to answer any questions you may have, no matter how insignificant you feel they may seem.

JAX provides estimates and advice FREE OF CHARGE

Your health is always our priority, so if you’re worried about the potential for
asbestos in your home or workplace, call our friendly team of experts on
0141 345 0551 or drop us an email. We’ll be delighted to help.

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